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#MeToo. A call to break silence.. A call to be heard. A call for secrets and whispers to be said aloud.

Yes. Social Media is being flooding with #MeToo and numerous stories of sexual assaults harassment that (mostly)women and men had been through in life. This was a call to be vocal about what had happened or at least be loud and clear that it happened.

The thought behind the first tweet by  #AlyssaMilano was to give people the sense of the magnitude of the issue. Well.. to me the magnitude of the issue was known and the issue is nothing unheard of. The magnitude is not alarming.. not shocking. Yes it existed and it exists.

What was new with the #MeToo ? To me nothing much.. I could see new names attached fit into the stories I already knew.. Celebrities sharing their ordeal of how they had to succumb to pressure of power, fame and fortune.

Did they sound new to you? or was it just that you did/didn’t expect the name of your favorite actor?

My city had a share of this awakening during the #Suchileaks episode. A few celebrities shared their stories with and without names then too.. And how they were forced to accept it as a part of growing up to fame in the film industry.

Sure Harvey is shamed and would be sued.. Does it bring an end to this so called “adjust/ shut up to survive” culture?

I read through the stories shared by many individuals from different countries and culture. Were they eye openers? No.. not to me.. Well the horrifying stories and the responses to the encounters were the same across the globe.. the response to an assault or harassment by most women or men were they keep quiet and dealt it within oneself. Some shared it with friends.. And the friends in turn took the chance to speak out their ordeal. Pathetic.. Ain’t it?

In reality..  What does this hashtag culminate in?


Does the magnitude make us accept this issue as a norm? It reinforces the fact of many being powerless when confronted with an assault. The stories emphasizes the insecurities the individuals are faced with.  The moments of helplessness of an individual to safeguard oneself are unpleasant and disturbing.

Do we see solution after this overwhelming response of #MeToo? Do we feel safer?

What do we fight for? How do we fight against? Clueless…







The science of buying veggies!!!

I never knew buying tomatoes were so difficult..and even more difficult to get your hubby buy them .

Source: The science of buying veggies!!!

The science of buying veggies!!!

Me: Can you buy some tomatoes from the grocer nearby?

Hubby Q1: Do you need them for breakfast?

Me (in normal tone): Yes

H Q2: How many do you need?

Me (in a hurried tone): 4-5 would suffice.. I would buy later from the veggie store.

H Q3: Do you want all of them fully ripe?

Me(with a loud sigh):Two fully red ones and two little orange.

H Q4: What should be the size of each tomato?

Me(murmuring): (how does it even matter!!) Two medium .. Two small.. Whatever is available..

H(mellow):I don’t want to annoy you buying something you wouldn’t prefer. Too many questions.. I know.. Just to be sure!!!

5 minutes later.. After buying..

I forgot to ask you another question.. But managed it myself.

Me(shocked): Another one?What was that?

You usually buy the normal/heritage variety tomatoes.. and you don’t prefer the hybrid ones. Am I right? I forgot to ask you that..

I was lucky .. the grocer had  the ones you wanted.. WhatsApp Image 2017-10-11 at 12.19.37 PM

VOW!! Perfect.. 4, Two fully ripe and two orange.. Two medium sized, two small ones.His memory about my choice of the heritage tomatoes were correct. But now I am sure that he didn’t know how they looked.

I never knew buying tomatoes were so difficult..and even more difficult to get your hubby buy them . Answering these questions were a test to my patience.. I still managed maintain my calm and answered.

Recently I received the below image in a whatsapp group chat.. I laughed over it and thought my husband was way better.. I even thought this should have been created for fun and not real..

Now I know and i completely understand the girl who wrote it.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-11 at 12.03.58 PM


Hello September

Can there be days when you feel a sudden surge of ambition? Do you have those moments of unforeseen soaring levels of determination to do something fruitful with life?

Sitting at the dinner table, deeply engrossed in a TV series and you have that epiphanic moment…. you are not living life to the fullest? or actually you are living life the way you would regret  some time later in life?

Yes I do have those days quite often.. and that always follows a pattern. Yes those lightning bolts strike me on the last day of every month, most Sunday evenings. And yes I treat this qualms with care and I calm them down with the so called perfect plan for the following days..

What follows the next day is so evident with the periodical recurrence of these surges.

Yes the surge keeps me awake all through the night and drains me of my energy to live my plans the following day.

It was a change from the routine that I woke up earlier than usual, today being the first of September. The day started well and I had managed to keep the surge in me alive to write this post.

Happy September and wish me luck to make this month a success.0fa41adf7863c7a1e7fb99e182a11137--september-quotes-september-pictures


Insight into reality #1

There is smell of rain in the air… that tickles the palate to want something spicy, crunchy and hot. Would be a treat to have a plate of plantain bhajji with coconut chutney now….

Plantain Bhajji with coconut chutney
Image source: Google Images

Looking back at my childhood days, when the monsoon rains never failed warm or spicy snacks  was always made available.  Food from outside was a rare thing and dining out was luxury those days. Food was mostly home-made and mom made. She ensured that the next meal was planned for and was made available at the right time for everyone in the family. Perfect.

Proverbs 31:15
Image Source: Google Images

During the last few years of living alone and self cooking, I never strained a little to cook. And when I was hungry I fed myself with junk or food from an eatery. Life was easy and carefree. I cooked once in a blue moon and considered it a big achievement. Given my poor appetite, I complained how exhausting it is to cook for oneself whilst restaurants and eateries are close at hand.

In the long run.. never realized what it takes to plan for a meal or prepare a meal for another person’s hunger. For me an apple or a chocolate would always suffice.

Now that I have to prepare food for two people(including myself), my lazy skills don’t pay off any further. Though proximity to restaurants help many a times, a sense of guilt pops up having cheated on my responsibility. This guilt wouldn’t surface if I was sick or was just feeling sick.

I sit wondering , how my mom made sure our stomachs were full and how she was more punctual than our hungers. From the experience of managing the household for the last 6 months, I cannot comprehend how she has managed all these years and she still continues to do it with perfection.

When she is done cooking lunch the kitchen is clean , with all vessels washed and all set  to where it should be. The exhaustion from my cooking correlates to soiled vessels in the sink and uncleaned kitchen table. The sweat because of standing in the kitchen becomes an excuse for the undone household chores. Pathetic huh…

Have I been ignoring the efforts my mom had been taking all these years?Did she make it appear so easy? Were they so easy to ignore? Had I been taking these for granted?

She was and is the perfect Proverbs 31 woman.

Insight into reality
Image source: Google Images

Here I am scratching my head with this dip into reality.

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